A Growing Body of Global UHC Knowledge

For JLN country members, the process of practitioner-to-practitioner learning is as important as the end knowledge products they co-develop over the course of learning collaboratives.

Through a combination of in-person meetings, webinars and discussion boards, members exchange tacit knowledge, expertise and experiences around specific challenges to co-produce a range of new knowledge products, such as step-by-step guides and self-assessment tools. These tools, available globally as international public goods, can be adapted by countries to create solutions for implementing UHC reforms specific to their contexts.

“The JLN uses a peer-to-peer method to identify challenges in the health sector and work collaboratively to develop a solution to the problem. I have enjoyed the practical hands-on problem-solving approach used by the network. Such learning stays with you for good.”

Olalekan Olubajo
Deputy Director of Health Financing at the National Primary Health Care Development Agency, Nigeria

UHC Knowledge Dissemination

With over 60 resources and tools focusing on the how-tos of UHC, JLN members and facilitators produce high-quality resources for the growing body of UHC knowledge worldwide. JLN products continue to be downloaded from the website, informing the reform efforts of member and non-member countries, as well as the wider global UHC community.

Launching JLN’s First Online Learning Aid: Costing Manual e-Module

The JLN introduced its first online learning aid to accompany the Costing of Health Services for Provider Payment: A Practical Manual Based on Country Costing Challenges, Trade-offs and Solutions tool as a digest of the comprehensive resource for quick online learning for the busy practitioner. The e-module walks its audiences through each of the 10 steps of the costing manual in an engaging and interactive manner. Developed in partnership with the World Bank’s Open Learning Campus, the e-module succinctly conveys the main messages of the manual, while referring learners to additional resources in the manual and online interactive resources.

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New Co-Produced Knowledge Products Downloads

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