Letter from the JLN Convener

Dear JLN Friends,

As the Convener of the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN), it gives me great pleasure to share the expansion of the network over the past several years and the exciting direction we are moving in. The number of full member countries almost doubled over the last couple of years, a testimony to the benefits of the network for countries as they work toward reforms for universal health coverage (UHC). Even more encouraging, the deepening of their engagement with the network assures the continued political momentum in JLN’s member countries to advancing the goal of UHC. In reaching these committed countries, the JLN community is well on its path to impacting almost three billion people with equitable and quality health care, contributing significantly to a key sustainable development goal for the world.

Along with an expansion of the network membership to 27 countries at varying levels of economic development, the range of our technical topics has also increased, driven by member countries’ emerging priorities. The network provides a safe haven for policymakers and practitioners to come together on shared challenges and draw on other countries’ experiences, enabling them to introduce new policies and refine existing processes back home.

With the network coming of age, the governance body of the JLN is now focusing on formulating a strategy that adequately meets the needs of a growing network and ensures quality engagement and learning products befitting the commitment shown by practitioners in undertaking JLN activities.

In JLN’s next phase, some of our top priorities are to focus on the ability to respond effectively to the technical priorities of member countries for joint learning, implement a robust monitoring and evaluation system and secure long-term network sustainability. We will also address how to support countries in applying JLN’s knowledge products and tools to chart their own innovative pathways to achieving the UHC 2030 goals.

This progress would not have been possible without effective country leadership, including by those countries that graduated from associate to full JLN members. Their active participation – not only in joint learning, but also in governing and setting the agenda for joint learning – fuels the network and makes it a rewarding experience for all.

We are grateful to our longstanding and new partners for supporting the network with resources and technical expertise. The network is now positioned to spread the benefits of its joint learning model and globally amplify progress toward UHC. We actively seek continued and new partners to support this critical JLN effort, as we strive to improve the level and quality of expert technical facilitation.

On behalf of the JLN community, I hope you enjoy reading the UHC stories from our member countries in this Progress Report. We also proudly share co-produced practical tools and knowledge that any country can utilize to tackle its UHC challenges.


Rozita Halina Tun Hussein

Senior Deputy Director, Planning Division,
Ministry of Health, Malaysia,
JLN Convener