Stories of Country Progress

Beyond Learning: Country Application

With a range of UHC resources to help countries design their reforms – from guidebooks and tools to country briefs and case studies – the JLN is directing new focus and support toward knowledge product uptake by leveraging the strength of in-country partners and champions to facilitate JLN tool implementation.

The following pages share a few recent examples of how JLN countries are using the network’s knowledge products.

Aligning Health Financing with PHC in Ghana
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Timely Medical Audits Learning for Philippines
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Implementing Best Practices for Costing in Egypt
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“Nigeria utilized evidences and learning from over 22 countries, the majority of which belong to the JLN. In developing the Health Financing Policy and Strategy, Nigeria worked directly with the country leads and on some occasions, met during and after joint learning exchanges.”

Francis Ukwuije
Senior Health Economist, and Head, Health Care Financing Equity and Investment, Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria