Implementing Best Practices for Costing in Egypt

A new member of the JLN, Egypt’s government identified the need for a more systemic approach to building capacity for costing of health services as a priority for its health sector.  With support from the WHO country office, Egypt is adapting the JLN guide, Costing of Health Services for Provider Payment: A Practical Manual, to assess its costing processes and routinely produce cost data that can be used to inform the cost structure, pricing system and design of future payment mechanisms for the country’s ongoing social health insurance reforms.

With support from the JLN Costing of Health Services collaborative under the Provider Payment initiative, the JLN Costing Manual also serves as a training tool for costing experts in Egypt, who have conducted a training workshop for their technical colleagues based on international lessons gained from similar costing activities. The training course aims to equip an in-country technical team with expertise to expand and continuously produce costing studies that can inform the ongoing reform process.

In the long term, the Egyptian Ministry of Health and other stakeholders are looking to develop a routine national unified costing system to serve the multiple planning, payment and management objectives of policymakers, purchasers and providers. The country’s costing system will be developed based on the principles of the JLN Costing Manual.

“The JLN Costing Manual, as well as the on-site ‘training of trainers’ workshop, served multiple objectives of the costing project in Egypt. It brought insights on best practices from similar countries and equipped costing practitioners with easily adaptable tools and templates necessary to produce, standardize and further expand cost information for the provider payment system,” remarked Ahmed Khalifa, a health systems financing consultant with the World Health Organization representation in Egypt. Building on the new JLN–WHO Egypt partnership, Egypt is deepening its engagement in the JLN by forming a country core group to harness greater learning benefits for its stakeholders. 

Continued capacity development on costing of health services

The country members participating in the JLN’s Costing of Health Services collaborative and co-production of the manual remain committed to ensuring the resource is globally helping countries to build capacity and support costing exercises. An ongoing forum allows technical professionals to share experiences and solve common challenges related to the costing of health care services. Further, through a small grant, a core working group of country and international costing experts have developed a Costing Manual “Train the Trainer” curriculum for costing experts so they can inform provider payment processes in their own contexts, as well as become trainers in their own countries.

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